Book Discussion

Book DiscussionEach week folks will be expected (hopefully) to have read one of the books presented in the table of contents.  The first ‘book’ is “Genesis”.  Because it is 83 pages, and because the following ‘books’ are either similar in size or larger, we’ll just do one per week, with the final books, Books 6 & 7, being our last week.  With that plan in place, we’ll have this book finished in 6 six weeks.  Granted, you can read on ahead if you choose.  If this plan needs some adjusting, if you want to go faster, we can I’m sure adjust.  Let me know your thoughts on this.  So, our first meeting will be next Thursday, April 30th, at 7 pm, and we will discuss the first book “Genesis”.  As you’re reading that first book, keep in mind some of the following questions. 
1. What do you think were some of the expectations of the family were of where they were going when they were preparing to travel to Africa as missionaries?  What were some of the pictures in their heads of this unknown to them place? 
2. How were some of their expectations of life different than what they knew having spent their entire lives up to this point in the US? 
3. In the sub-chapter entitled Ruth May Price, she explains why Africans has always been in the situation of racism against them coming from whites in the West.  Have you ever heard that reasoning? 
4. Once they arrived in the village where they would be ministering, what seemed to be the minister’s attitude toward the people of the village? 
5. What seemed to be the attitude of the villagers toward the missionary family?  What about first impressions.  
6. Adah Price is the twin daughter who is has some type of disability, she refers to her father as ‘Our Father’.  What does that say about not only her perspective and attitude toward her father, but also how the rest of the family sees him? 
That’s what I’ve got so far, if you have questions and comments, please feel free to add in here.

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