Our Pastor

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Doyle has been our pastor since February of 2017.  He also serves as pastor of the West Milford Presbyterian Church, starting there in May of 2023.  Worship services at West Milford begin at 9:00 AM with worship services at Oak Ridge beginning at 11:00 AM

Rev. Doyle studied in Jerusalem, Israel as both an undergraduate and graduate student.  In 1995, he moved from Jerusalem to Bethlehem where he taught in the local Christian school system and worked at the Bethlehem Bible College. It was in Bethlehem that he met his wife, Hala, and there that both of their sons were born there.  Through his work at the Bethlehem Bible College, he began working in refugee ministry and working with the Presbyterian Church, USA. This work led him to a more formal call to ministry, and the family moved to Dubuque, Iowa, in 2005 for him to attend seminary. While studying at seminary, he pastored two small congregations, which soon became three, giving him valuable experience as a Shared Pastor.

In 2011, Pastor Chris was called to serve the Union Presbyterian Church in Carneys Point, NJ, until arriving in North Jersey to serve the Oak Ridge and Berkshire Valley Presbyterian Churches.  In May of 2023, he completed service with the Berkshire Valley church and accepted a call from the West Milford Presbyterian Church. 

Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church is located at 342 Oak Ridge Rd., Oak Ridge; learn about us on www.orpcnj.org.

West Milford Presbyterian Church is located at 1452 Union Valley Rd., West Milford; learn about them at www.wmpchurch.org