We welcome you to come visit us and see our program in action. We can then fully answer all of your questions and you can see how we interact with the children in our care.
Contact Us: myschoolchild@yahoo.com
Telephone: 973-697-3341
Fax: 973-697-8785

For All Mail Deliveries: PO Box 302, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

Field Trips and Summer Programs
My School sponsors various trips and events that expose the students to new experiences throughout the year. We keep a list of re-occuring favorites and think of new ways to introduce knowledge and adventure into their lives.
*Apple Picking
*Paxamicus Theater
*Theme-Based Weeks
*Daily Snacks
Included in all our programs are healthy snacks offered to students twice a day.
Day Care Rates   Daily Weekly
Infant / Toddler $43.00 $215.00
2-Year Old       $39.00 $195.00
3,4,5-Year Old $37.00 $185.00
Before OR After Kindergarten    $115.00
Before AND After Kindergarten   $135.00
Before School   $50.00
Before AND After School   $100.00
Nursery School Rates (8:30 – 11:30 am) Monthly
Two Days Per Week $150.00
Three Days Per Week $190.00
Contact us for half-day and temporary rates!  
Experienced Staff
Our Certified Teachers have years of childcare experience. Our full-time staff each with at least 10 years of experience at My School and various degrees in education, counseling and teaching. In addition to our senior staff, My School has a part-time work force of interning collegiate students who are all pursuing relevant curriculum to childcare and education.
My School Director: Laura Woody
Laura has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Upsala College and has been a professional licensed counselor since 1998. Laura has provided case management and counseling services to children ages 3 to 21 since 2002 and has over 15 years of management experience working with state funded programs.
Teacher and Childcare Aids

Are You Looking for Part-Time Experience?
We always in need of teacher and childcare aids to help out. If you’re pursuing a degree and or looking to add some experience to your resume, we have a highly qualified staff that can mentor you through some part-time work. Please contact Director Laura Woody for more information at : myschoolchild@yahoo.com

My School Pre-School Teacher

Jill is a certified Elementary School Teacher has has been employed since 1988.